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"Create a life that feels good on the inside, not one that just looks good on the outside".

A venture of First Stone, Suvaas is initiated with a commitment to build a more humane world which is completely governed by the choices of people. Our core is to bring out an affordable residential plan founded on a close interaction with the end users and build living spaces to help our customers realize their dream homes. The vision of Suvaas is to build projects which cover the middle income and lower income groups of society, who wish to own a house of their own at a location which is bestowed with basic facilities, safe surroundings and a budget suitable for them.

Suvaas is a promise to live up to the "absolute commitment" which would bring goodness and improve standards of living of the society as a whole. It's an effort for a better life.

Suvaas aspires to grow as a company of the future that provides every basic necessity to the society. Along with building abodes, Suvaas will soon venture into fast moving consumer goods.
SU-VAAS "apna samaradh sukhi aawas"

First Stone

Every triumphant achievement begins with the first step. First Stone, the beginning of a milestone, is an inception based upon laying the first foundation stone to embark a positive impact on our society. The First Stone Group is founded on an ideology which seeks to accompany our today with a better tomorrow by enriching the lives of people and integrating excellence into their life and living standard on an everyday basis. We aim to build a nation on the grounds of humanity and uplift the society by offering all that we have been blessed with. Each day, every moment is well spent at putting in more efforts to build a better future that transforms lives from the beginning to end. A vision in mind that is etched within is a deep thought to make the world a better place, First Stone is one step forward to bringing that dream to reality.

The five wings which have been introduced by First Stone are, FS Realty, Suvaas, MIS, FS Foundation and Club Utopia.