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Environment and Safety

One of the most important things for First Stone is making a safe, hygienic and secure environment available to the people residing with us. An environment which constantly reminds people that every breadth they take as residents of our society will only be a reassurance to them of dwelling in an ideal habitat that is dedicated to keep them pollution free and healthy.

Among the priorities of Suvaas is to construct buildings that have the least environmental footprint, as protecting our shared environment is of fundamental importance for all of us at Suvaas. We believe that we can make a positive impact of conserving and adding to the environmental prosperity, including natural resources (water, air, energy and raw materials) and biodiversity of the ecosystem we operate in.

Suvaas is being constructed exclusively using local equipment and materials which not only ensures that we rely on indigenous techniques and quality but also promote them by using it. We strive to employ the latest technologies available in the market so that we can contribute as much as possible to reverse the process of volatile environment, which is currently being recorded at the global level. In addition to this, we are committed to build a more employable workforce, who helps in building a Greener India and innovates for good and green products.